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Wikipedia on your Desktop


Open multiple articles in tabs and read them with a simpler and distraction-free view. Customize fonts and easily switch between light, sepia and dark mode.

Wike Theme

Multiple Languages

Wike supports searching and reading articles in almost 300 languages.

Select in Preferences the languages ​​you want to make available for searching and reading articles.

Press the gear icon in the search entry to choose the active language.

You can also see the current article in other languages ​​by clicking the languages button.

Other Features

Wike Features
Table of Contents

Quickly scroll through the various sections of the article.

Free & Open Source

Wike is free & open source software, released under de terms of the GNU General Public License V3.

Get Wike

Install the latest version from Flathub.

Source Code

Explore source code in GitHub repository.


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GNOME Circle

Wike is part of GNOME Circle.
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